HDPE silicon core pipe


HDPE Introduction of Silicon Core Tube
7-11.jpg HDPE silicon core pipe is a new type of optical cable which is made of HDPE resin and silica gel. The curvature radius of the silicon core pipe is 10 times of its outer diameter, so that it is not easy to deform under the action of external forces and it can be properly bent without any special treatment depending on the terrain. Compared with PVC pipe and double wall corrugated pipe, silicon core pipe has a longer laying length (1000-20000m) and fewer pipe joints which can greatly reduce the project cost. The friction coefficient is small as its inner wall silicon core layer is a solid permanent lubrication. The construction is fast as the air blowing method is used to thread the cable that can be extracted repeatedly in the pipe. The pipe has good water resistance and weather resistance. The applicable temperature range is -30℃~80℃. 

Characteristics of HDPE silicon tube

1.The inner wall of the silicon is a solid and permanent lubricant, so the frictional properties of the inner wall remain the same. The cable can be extracted repeatedly in the pipe.

2.The silicon core layer of the inner wall adopts synchronous composite extrusion process and distributes in the whole inner wall of the pipe with the outer layer closely and evenly. The silicon core of the inner wall has the same physical and mechanical properties as the high density polyethylene, so it has the same service life as the outer wall and will never be peeled off. 

3.The silicon core layer of its inner wall will never react with water. So the pipe can be flushed with water to avoid damage by rodents after accidents. 

4.The radius of curvature of silicon core pipe is small (ten times of its outer diameter). The pipe can be transformed according to the terrain without a well for transition even any treatment.

5.It has good aging resistance, long service life. It can last more than 50 years buried in the ground. 

6.The length of each silicon core pipe can be made into any length, however, the standard length of each silicon core pipe is 2000 meters for transportation safety and convenient construction. 

7.The cost of the project has been greatly reduced. Because the silicon core pipe doesn’t need an outer pipe, and the cable can be threaded directly in the pipeline without sub-pipe. 

Appearance of HDPE silicon tube
The inner and outer walls of the high-density polyethylene shall be clean and smooth, and no defects such as air bubbles, visible scratches, dents, impurities, or uneven colors shall be allowed. The end of the pipe should be cut flat and perpendicular to the pipe axis. The inner wall of the silicon core should be tightly welded without any shedding phenomenon. The inner and Outer Wall of the pipe is clearly marked.

HDPE silicon core tube application field

Outdoor communication cables and FIBER OPTIC CABLE PIPING system, public information network, public transmission system, cable television and highway communications engineering construction.


HDPE silicon core tube dimensions



                                                              Note: You can customize the size.