HPVC-solid wall pipe (outdoor dedicated)

 |Protection for type A communication optical cable                                           ||Protection for power cable type

ⅢOutdoor plug-in type                                                     Porous one-piece Tube

Product performance

Product feature

1.It has high strength, high toughness

2.It has strong corrosion resistance, weathering resistance and termite damage.

3.It has uv resistance, anti aging, good heat resistance, long service life

4.It has good flame retardance. It will go out once out of the fire.

5.It has high insulation and it is anti-creeping.

6.It can be welded after hot melting.

                                                                            High insulation, leakage proof                                   Good flame retardancy, extinguish when out of fire

              Uv resistance, anti aging, good heat resistance, long service life                    Strong corrosion resistance, and termite damage, weathering resistance

Specification type

10-ton truck crush test                                                      Destructive test for excavators
Impact test of 22 kg, 5 M, 22 ° C Free Falling Hammer
Welding Diagram                                         Welded surface                             Welding lining

Construction case